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We consider that the best recommendation that a solicitor can have is from clients who have used the services of the firm.

We asked a number of client’s for their views on our representation of them in very serious criminal cases.  In most cases we have used initials to protect the client’s anonymity.

Due to an unforeseen incident in a nightclub I was convicted of a serious assault to severe injury and danger of life.

I acted out in self-defence to prevent myself being bottled in the face, the case proceeded to trial, I used an  Ayrshire Criminal Law firm to act on my behalf. This totally ruined my life after being found guilty. I was a very successful business man, and due to me being sentenced to 4 years imprisonment and a £3000.00 compensation fine, everything around me collapsed. The bank withdrew all my business facilities, I was treated as a violent thug and a villain. I was absolutely a broken man.

I was not accepting the decision, the Solicitor who acted for me didn’t expect the outcome, in my opinion he did not thoroughly investigate the previous convictions of the Defender.

I contacted Liam O’Donnell’s Law firm in Glasgow, he instructed Senior Counsel.

Mr Paul McBride (QC) and one of Liam O’Donnell’s staff came to see me, they took all the case notes, within 2 weeks they told me that there were numerous flaws in the preparation of the defence.

They liaised with me every week in the build up to lodging an Appeal against Conviction, Sentence and Anderson. Within 7 weeks I was released on Interim Liberation pending the outcome of the appeal.

It was the best feeling on earth, they gave me so much comfort and confidence that there wouldn’t be a stone unturned.

Further to there own investigation with all three charges, and several visits to Edinburgh High Court, Liam O’Donnell’s Law Firm Glasgow succeeded with all three being granted to proceed to Appeal by the Lords.

The case was heard on three separate visits to the High Court. I knew with the way in which they presented the evidence my feeling of comfort was incredible.

Then on the Appeal date I appeared before the Lords.

Mr Paul McBride (QC) and Mr Andrew Brown (QC) were representing me, I was so impressed with the representation from the very start of introduction of Liam O’Donnell’s  Law Firm to the day where it all mattered, they were absolute amazing with the Appeal, it was very challenging with the Crown on there defence.

Once both parties had given evidence it was the most nerve wracking feeling in my life, thinking it could go either way, the Lords went out to make there decision, when they came back with the decision on all three charges ‘QUASHED’ it was the best feeling in the world. I can now have my life back.

I can’t thank Liam O,Donnell enough for giving me my ‘FREEDOM’ and being able to get my life back to normal, they were incredibly so professional from the start right through to the final result.

Many Many Many Thanks! (For Giving Me My Life Back)

Kindest Regards
PR – Glasgow

My 2010 got off to the worst possible start.  I had been out that night and had returned home and was sitting in with my family bringing in the bells.  Trouble came to our door in a manner totally outwith our control.  My mother and sister were both assaulted by an intruder who then proceeded to attack my father.  This intruder was then injured and my father and I were both charged with attempted murder.  I was a student at college and had never been in trouble with the police before.  My family were devastated particularly my mother who was pregnant at the time.

We immediately instructed Liam O’Donnell & Co to help us both in our predicament.  Liam took my case and arranged for a colleague to represent my father.

No stone was left unturned as Mr O’Donnell and his team diligently went about preparing my case for trial.  Although my life was in turmoil the professionalism and dedication of my legal team was a constant source of reassurance to me and my family, particularly, Mr Greg Farrell.

My High Court trial was conducted by Mr. O’Donnell himself and mid way through proceedings at the High Court in Glasgow the case against me was withdrawn.

My father’s case was taken all the way to the Jury but he was unanimously found not guilty and both of us could try to rebuild our lives.

Liam O’Donnell & Co and the team who work there were brilliant with us.  They helped my family through a very dark period and we would highly recommend them to anybody who needs a lawyer.


I had lost an eye in the course of an unprovoked attack upon me when I was walking my girlfriend home.  My only crime was to walk through the wrong area and I was set upon by 3 local youths.

I was a promising professional footballer and was t-total.  As a result of the assault upon me and the loss of an eye my career was pretty much over.  I did attempt to make a come back with Ayr United but my balance was simply not what it was.

I had been advised previously to submit a criminal injuries compensation application and an offer of £30,000 was made.  To be honest I didn’t know whether to accept the offer or no and I went to get advise from Liam O’Donnell & Co.

He was firmly of the view that my career had been ended and that the compensation offer was far too low.

I was concerned that I would lose the award entirely rather than increase it and I made this clear to Mr. O’Donnell but he reassured me.

The firm went about their job expertly.  Several expert medical witnesses were instructed and gave positive reports.  Many coaches and managers whom I had played with were fully interviewed and gave supportive testimony about my prospects.

I was then psychologically assessed and the overall opinion of senior counsel was obtained.

Senior counsel made it clear that he agreed with Mr. O’Donnell that the offer made should not be accepted.

The firm helped to generate some media interest in my case and the criminal injuries board swiftly increased their offer to £260,000.

I will never be able to replace my eye or to recommence my professional football career.  However, I was at least pleased to be properly compensated in a matter that truly reflected the extent of my injury and the devastating impact it caused to me and my family.

I now intend to pursue a career in sports coaching and am very grateful for the professional and considered advice offered to me by Liam O’Donnell & Co.

All of the experts introduced into my case were at the top of their field and I have no doubt that this helped persuade the criminal injuries board that my offer was inappropriate and far too low.

I would whole heartedly endorse Liam O’Donnell & Co for compensation claims and was delighted with the work they carried out for me.

JM – Glasgow

Late in 2009 I was charged with possession of a firearm namely a shotgun.  I was immediately made aware that this offence brought a minimum of a 5 year sentence if convicted.

The evidence against me was that I was alleged to have discarded the shotgun while being pursued by 2 police officers both in a vehicle and on foot.  I totally denied this but I realised that I up against 2 police officers.  They were both adamant that it was me who had thrown away the gun.  I had no witnesses.

I instructed Liam O’Donnell & Co and they reassured me throughout but I did fear the worst.  Who would believe me?

Mr. O’Donnell himself conducted my trial in Glasgow High Court.  He was able to draw the courts attention to the various defects in police procedures.  Under cross-examination both officers accepted that the whole identification process had been wrongly conducted.

The court deserted the charges against me and the case didn’t even get as far as a jury.

This nightmare is now behind me and I cannot thank Mr. O’Donnell and his team enough for the level preparation and the thought put into my case.

This extended to myself, Mr. O’Donnell, Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Malone visiting the locus where I was alleged to have been chased and also the area where I was supposed to have thrown the shotgun away.  Full photographs were taken and these were used in my defence.  Forensic investigation was also undertaken on my behalf.

I felt sure I was going to receive a 5 year sentence and cannot express my gratitude enough.

FC – Glasgow

Last year our 16 year old son was charged with a very serious offence.  We were distraught and did not know what to do.  A family friend suggested that we contact Liam O’Donnell’s Firm.  We made an appointment the next day and Mr. O’Donnell listened very carefully to what my son had to say regarding the incident and took his case on there and then.

We were kept fully informed throughout and supported through a very difficult time as our son prepared for a trial.

Although the case was in the Sheriff Court, Mr. O’Donnell and Mr. Sweeney applied for the Legal Aid Board to appoint Counsel to the case and this was granted.  Our son had regular meetings with Counsel and we knew that the case was very well prepared by the time it came to court.

We were particularly impressed with the fact that a leading medical expert was instructed and also the fact that all relevant witnesses were interviewed in detail by the Firm’s own investigation team.

The expert doctor who gave evidence for the defence was crucial in the successful outcome.

The trial lasted for a week and our son was found not guilty by a unanimous verdict.  As a family we have never had any dealings with the police or legal system.  We were totally out of our depths.  We will also be extremely grateful to all at Liam O’Donnell & Co for getting us through this horrendous time.  If it wasn’t for them who knows what would have happened to our son?

We will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for us.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Liam O’Donnell and his excellent staff to anyone who needs a good lawyer.

M & DG

Liam O’Donnell & Co. were meticulous in checking all aspects of my case resulting in them actually uncovering the DNA evidence that my previous solicitor had failed to properly examine.

I was serving nine years in prison for an armed robbery that I did not commit when I instructed Liam O’Donnell & Co.

The DNA evidence that they uncovered was the key to the quashing of my conviction and was due to the diligence of Mr. O’Donnell and his team.

I hope I don’t need to use the services of Liam O’Donnell & Co. in the future.  However I would not hesitate to use their services if I ever need legal representation in the future.  I would recommend this firm to anyone needing the best of criminal solicitors in Scotland without hesitation.

In my opinion Liam O’Donnell and Co. did something which I thought was not possible.  They gave me back my life when I thought I had lost it.  I was convicted for a crime I did not commit and faced a nine year sentence.  I understood that it would take years fighting through the appeal system to prove my innocence.  All this with no guarantee of success.

Liam O’Donnell & Co. achieved something in six months namely my acquittal which I thought would take years of struggle to achieve.

William Mills – Glasgow

When Liam O’Donnell & Co. were instructed to defend me I had already been refused bail three times including High Court bail.  The case was prepared meticulously and the High Court was re-approached for bail on the basis that some of the Crown case against me could not be substantiated.  Despite opposition I was granted bail.

A leading Queen’s Counsel was instructed in my case which was then fully prepared.  The Crown were persuaded to accept my plea of not guilty and I was acquitted.

I would definitely recommend Liam O’Donnell and Co. to anyone.  They did a very professional job on my behalf.

WC – Glasgow

I was charged with importation of firearms to Scotland.  I was refused bail on five occasions including refusal of High Court bail.

Liam O’Donnell and Co. persisted and I was finally granted High Court bail unconditionally.

Thereafter the Crown refused to give Mr. O’Donnell a number of documents until we obtained a court order for their disclosure.  These documents played a very large part in my acquittal.

I proceeded to trial in the High Court but after three days of evidence the Crown indicated that they were no longer proceeding.  A lot of that was due to the documents which had been obtained by court order.

I would recommend this company every time and I particularly like that they always kept my family informed of everything while I was remanded.  I would have no hesitation in using this firm’s services again and would recommend the company to anyone.

DC – Glasgow

I am a former police officer who was charged with very serious offences.  My case had been going on for several years and it was suggested that I should agree a plea of guilty.  I transferred solicitors and was very impressed with the preparation of Liam O’Donnell & Co.

A leading Queen’s Counsel was instructed on my behalf and I was eventually acquitted after trial it being held that there was no case to answer.

The service was first class and I felt that real progress took place when Mr. O’Donnell’s firm came into the proceedings.

I would recommend the firm to anyone as they are very professional in their approach and the support given to me through this difficult time was first class.

JD – Glasgow

My son then sixteen years old was wrongly accused of rape some three months after the alleged attack.  He was arrested from our home and locked up pending his court appearance.  It was a very distressing time.

A local solicitor appeared at the time for my son but was understandably out of his depth and acknowledged this.  I asked solicitors whom I knew for a recommendation and Liam O’Donnell and Co. were recommended as a specialist firm in criminal law.

On contacting Mr. O’Donnell’s firm I was given an immediate appointment with the Senior Partner himself who listened carefully to what had happened and showed great sensitivity to an ordinary family like mine suddenly dropped into the abyss of the legal system.  The support offered flowed not just from the Senior Partner but also from the reception where we were always greeted with support and much needed encouragement.

The Senior Partner himself interviewed key witnesses and instructed timings and photographs of the area which were checked and checked again.

An eminent Queen’s Counsel was appointed and the case was thoroughly prepared.  We were always kept advised and encouraged.

At every single meeting or appointment we were either with a senior staff member or the Senior Partner himself.

During the trial the staff made a special effort to support the whole family especially my wife who was distraught.

The trial lasted two days and my son was unanimously found not guilty after fifteen minutes.  I put this down to the diligence and ground work done by the whole firm on behalf of my son who I have no doubt was innocent.

We as an ordinary family would not have got through this ordeal without the professionalism and compassion shown by Liam O’Donnell & Co.  We did not feel like just another client.

I would recommend them without hesitation.

RH – Glasgow

I am not very good at writing recommendations.  I have never done it before.  I was in very serious trouble in October 2006 and was looking at a ten to fourteen year sentence of imprisonment for the large scale supply of Class A drugs. Iwas formerly a professional footballer in England and quite literally felt my whole future was on the line. I was using another firm in Glasgow who encouraged me to take a guilty plea to a lesser charge.  The evening before my trial I realised that they weren’t fighting my corner with the determination I would expect.

I had never been in trouble before and I have naively trusted my legal team because I believed they knew best.  This changed when they tried to plead me guilty for something I hadn’t done.

I was looking on the internet for other solicitors in Glasgow and stumbled across Liam O’Donnell’s website at about 11.00 p.m.  I telephoned and left a voicemail.  Mr. O’Donnell phoned me back that evening.  Things moved very quickly and the Judge was not happy that I changed solicitors a day before my trial.  Liam O’Donnell and Co. were granted four weeks to prepare the case for trial.  I was worried because I didn’t think that was enough time.

Mr. O’Donnell decided to try to obtain mobile cell site evidence.  We were told by Strathclyde Police that this evidence was no longer available due to the passage of time.

My legal team obtained a court order and O2 produced the cell site records to the surprise of the High Court Judge who had been told that this was not possible by the Crown.

A really good Q.C. was instructed.

I went to trial and was acquitted on all charges and told I was a free man.

I was very relieved and very impressed with the way that Liam O’Donnell & Co. had prepared and conducted the case.

Both my solicitor and my Q.C. were available at any time and very easy to talk to.  I could go on and on and on but what I thought was very important was that the jury asked to see the cell site evidence before coming back with a not guilty.

My Q.C. was brilliant.

I would like to say an extra thank you to Liam O’Donnell and his company for the effort they put into preparing my case as they done things that I was told were not possible by my previous solicitors.

I would recommend them without hesitation and feel that they are a small company who make a very large effort and I was very fortunate to stumble across them.

WM – Manchester.

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