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Domestic Violence

The Scottish Government through Crown Office now operate a policy of ‘Zero Tolerance’ in relation to alleged incidents of domestic violence.

This has resulted in a great increase in prosecutions.

In Glasgow a pilot group operates namely the Glasgow Domestic Abuse Court in which we regularly practice.

More information on this court and the project can be found by clicking here.

An allegation of domestic abuse can lead to a very difficult and trying time for all parties involved including both the alleged accused and the alleged victim.

In most cases, bail will be granted but only with special conditions that the person accused does not approach or contact his partner and does not enter or approach his partners address.

If children of the relationship are witnesses, these bail conditions can also extend to the children.

Children are viewed as vulnerable witnesses and as such are treated to special protections by the court.

These stringent bail conditions can on occasion be varied by the court by the relevant bail review application being made.

We at Liam O’Donnell & Co appreciate that any family or couple in this situation finds it extremely difficult and friendly and helpful advice is available.

The first interview is free and we will be happy to provide helpful advice as to the best way to deal with what is often an extremely difficult situation for all concerned.

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