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Criminal Appeals

We regularly take on criminal appeals throughout Scotland both against conviction and against sentence. We were the first Scottish firm to instruct a criminal appeal in the Supreme Court Of The United Kingdom.

Some of our most outstanding successes have been in appeals where we have not originally represented the accused.

We were contacted by a  solicitor who was in Glenochil prison serving an 8 year sentence for embezzlement.We instructed Senior and Junior Counsel and the solicitor was released on interim liberation upon our lodging 15 detailed grounds of appeal against his conviction.

The court was particularly interested in the first ground of appeal and chose to hear that argued first. The ground of appeal was upheld and both the conviction and sentence were quashed.

We were also instructed in the well publicised appeal of William Mills.

We were contacted by William Mills when he was in Shotts prison serving a 9 year sentence for an armed robbery that he was adamant he had not committed.

We again instructed Senior and Junior Counsel and lodged detailed grounds of appeal.

Specifically we asked the Crown to carry out further forensic analysis of a particular production in the case,a doorstop. This analysis confirmed that Mr Mills was not the robber and his conviction and sentence were quashed. Thankfully he had been released on interim liberation shortly after our introduction to the case.

He is now pursuing an application for compensation from the Scottish Ministers for the time wrongfully spent in custody.

The court agreed that he was clearly the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

We are currently dealing with a number of high profile murder appeals and continue to pursue these vigorously.

If you wish advice about an appeal for either yourself or a relative then please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

As member of the Society of Solicitors in the Supreme Courts of Scotland, we regularly practice in all courts throughout Scotland.

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