Liam O

High Profile Cases

All cases handled by Liam O’Donnell & Co. are done so with the highest regard for the defendant and the highest respect of the law. Additionally, all cases are managed on an even and fair basis.

Some cases however have been of a more dramatic nature and caught the attention of the national press.

Neil Lennon

Celtic manager Neil Lennon received three-points after he admitted driving through a red light on his way to work in Glasgow.

Kirk Broadfoot

Rangers player cleared of an assault subsequent to instructing this firm.

Willam Mills

The case of William Mills who was serving an eight year sentence for an armed robbery that he was adamant he had not committed.

Steve Allison

Steven Allison’s appeal had been refused in the Scottish Courts.

In December 2009 Liam O’Donnell & Co were delighted to become the first Scottish firm of solicitors to represent a Scottish accused in the new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

Stephen McAleer

An innocent man was thrown in jail for three months – because he was carrying a rose.

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