Liam O


We specialise in crime and court prosecutions in Glasgow and throughout Scotland.

Our commitment to a client is:-

  1. The proper and meticulous preparation of all files which we believe is key to good presentation in the actual court room.
  2. The presence of a highly trained solicitor in court with the necessary understanding of the case.
  3. In more serious cases the instruction of Counsel or a Solicitor Advocate. We instruct a panel of very skilled and experienced Counsel depending on the particular circumstances of each case.
  4. We have a panel of Expert Witnesses to cover almost every eventuality and have a good ongoing working relationship with these witnesses whom we instruct on a regular basis as required on a case-by-case basis.
  5. We adopt a forward thinking approach which involves not simply reading the Crown statements but actually preparing the defence case as is required in the particular circumstances of any case. To this end we have our own investigation unit to assist us in the proper preparation of defence cases and indeed proper analysis of the Crown case.

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